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Forbidden [entries|friends|calendar]
She wasn't revenge. I fell in love with her.

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What u think is holding in the future for Merideth & Derek [28 Oct 2014|05:13pm]

Hello Everyone!

So my first post here. This season is looking a little hard for MerDer! Shonda said this season we will see Merideth & Callie's journey mostly.
So far we have seen some glance of Maggie & Mer's relation...I think that will be explored more this season. But what I'm more interested about how the MerDer relation will develop from here.

Last episode Merideth said to Callie that there relation are almost dealt the same way as Calzona's (only they aren't in therapy). But now I guess they will come in talking terms of their actual "moving to DC" problem!

What do u think is stroed from here!!!
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50 Meredith/Derek Icons [13 Aug 2012|02:51pm]

50 Meredith/Derek kissing icons made for the Big Bang at shonda_land

here @ seetruecolors
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Shondaland Phase Four [01 Feb 2012|12:49am]


Phase Four of shonda_land is about to start! Do you like any of Shonda's shows then come and join the fun! We're an awesome bunch of people and got fun challenge, graphics, fiction, puzzles and other fun stuff. If you join, which you can do here, tell them stellicidio sent you!

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Shonda Land is back! [01 Sep 2011|01:21am]


shonda_land is back! Phase 3 is about to start so come and join the fun if you like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Off the Map! Choose from one of the teams team_fabfive (where I am), team_robbins or team_enfuego. If you join, tell them stellicidio send you!
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[25 May 2011|11:21am]

Finally I posted some new icons (Fringe, Grey's, DD, VSA, Glee, MIOBI, Bones...):
here @ umsaid_wishes
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32 New icons [06 May 2011|03:07pm]

[01-32] Grey's Anatomy


Here @ miss_sloan
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[25 Apr 2011|01:17pm]

386 icons animated and not

[001-222] Glee (Paley fest 2011, GGA 2011, cast, Episode 217)
[223-318] Grey's Anatomy (Season 7 Episode 18)
[319-336] Bollywood - Ready (*ing Salman Khan, Asin)
[337-386] Football (Real Madrid - Copa del Rey)


 II  II              

The rest  Here

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[20 Jan 2011|09:31pm]

Been re-watching season 1 of Grey's Anatomy recently, gotta love the old-school episodes :)
20 icons - mainly Derek and Derek/Merdith.

( Kiss Me )
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Wallpapers [11 Dec 2010|07:32pm]


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20 Meredith/Derek Icons [02 Dec 2010|12:03am]

20 Meredith/Derek Icons

Rest here @ seetruecolors
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50 Meredith/Derek Icons [12 Nov 2010|02:20am]


See them all here @ seetruecolors
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[08 Nov 2010|07:00pm]

24 Animated Icons

[9-20]Grey's Anatomy



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20 Derek Shepherd Icons [31 Oct 2010|08:46pm]


here @ seetruecolors
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20in20 icons [20 Sep 2010|11:42am]

[ mood | sick ]

20 Grey's Anatomy icons for greys20in20
20 Friends icons for 20in20friends

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You can find the rest here @ kisstehrain

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Grey's Anatomy S6 finale Icons Session part 2 [03 Sep 2010|07:34pm]

Sooo . . .
I thought I had made enough Icons of the finale but I found really great Screencaps so I had to make new ones :) couldn't help it!
Here are the results:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

click here for the rest

Feel free to use them -> with credit ;)
Bye x)
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"Losing My Religion" Icons. [19 Jul 2010|05:27pm]

20in20; 20 icons for greys20in20 ; Losing My Religion


Collection here
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you say you're all dark and twisty inside... [19 Jul 2010|08:43am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I made 20 Elevator love letters icons for the latest challenge over at greys20in20 there's some DerMer love, cause I love them and the episode very much!! ♥
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You can find the rest of them here @ my icon journal!

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[18 Jul 2010|01:50pm]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
All icons here @ kateliciously 
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[05 Jul 2010|07:53pm]


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[27 Jun 2010|10:51pm]

mer/der included

See it HERE
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